Jettin' with Jazzie – April 2014

Pretty Princesses

The clubhouse ballroom was transformed to a magical kingdom for the 10th Annual Daddy/Daughter Dance. I have to say I have never seen so many beautiful princesses from toddler to teen on the arms of the clean up well-dressed fathers. I felt like I was invading their castle of a perfect night of dinner and dancing.
As each arrived they received a bling bracelet for the daughter and the fathers were given dog tags to remember this special night. A 5×7 picture of the two were also handed out as a keepsake of this storybook night. The smiles on the faces of all the girls were truly priceless and the proud fathers were smitten, as no matter how old, they will always be Daddy’s little Girl!
May 4th will be a Mother/Son Magic Show and Dinner and will be the first ever!

Volunteer Dinner

The Board of Directors put on a lovely dinner for all the Committee Volunteers that donate their time to make Silver Lakes community a brighter place.
I was fortunate to be a guest as I volunteer for the Recreation/ Youth Committee and was my first time attending. I kinda felt like an outsider as everyone there knew each other quite well and have been volunteering a long time. It made me feel good and happy that I am doing something to be part of this community.
Newly elected president of The Board, Greg Heldrith, spoke and thanked each and every committee ans said that this appreciation dinner would be every other year. After an enjoyable dinner, some could not resist enjoying the rest of the evening dancing under the chandeliers.

Pink Flash Mob Dance

This close knit community got together to organize and surprise a neighbor and friend that is battling Breast Cancer with a Flash Mob dance. Anne Trevino, a friend of Jasmine Barnett, saw how much chemo and being sick was bringing Jasmine down, I might add that is hard to do as Jasmine is a strong, vivacious mother and business owner. Anne thought what a better way to surprise and maybe put a smile on Jasmine’s face. So, Patti Hartog coordinated the dance as thirty five people dressed in pink and snapping their fingers to ‘Beat It’, by Michael Jackson, in the cold and with it sprinkling on them. It did not stop the young, the women and even a few good men to dance in front of and for Jasmine Barnett, who watched in awe on her porch with her children and mother by her side. We love and support you as you recover to being your funny, strong, determined, Pin Up momma self, Jasmine Barnett.

Soroptimist Awareness March 8

What a gorgeous day for a walk, and that’s just what my sons, Dakota (13) and Jax (5) and I did. It was the 1st Soropimist International Clubs of the High Desert Awareness Walk.
About thirty women, a few good men and my two boys walked the 5k around the lake to support Soroptimist awareness. This is a very committed women’s organization whose members work to make the lives of women and girls better in our local communities, nationally and internationally.
Everyone was so upbeat and was well organized for the first event in which all three High Desert Soroptimist clubs joined together. Apple Valley, Victor Valley and Silver Lakes got together and decided that instead of doing separate events, they would bond together more, by forming this ‘Walk for Soroptimist Awareness.’
It was a great day, a great walk, for a great cause and it was nice to be able to cover a story and include my boys.

Rock n Roll Silver Lakes Style

What a fun night at the 2014 Silver Lakes Entertainers Variety Show that consisted of 32 sketches from skits, dancing and singing.
Walking into the ballroom was staged like you stepped into a 50’s diner with jukebox, records (actual LP records) covering the façade wall. The tables where the audiences was seated was part of the décor and was waiting for the ‘Fonz ‘ to bring me a burger and vanilla shake.
I really enjoyed all the acts but can only comment on a few of my favorites. Such as, the sexy opening ‘Welcome To Burlesque,’ with some very beautiful divas Toni Hall, Sue Tschida, Gail Guinn, Liz Zellin and Artie DeVries. One can always listen to The Deserettes singing to 50’s hits, or the very funny ‘Men-Oh-Pause,’ skit as Murlene Cece Richard, Pat Swanson, Pat Darden, Joey Thompson, Sue Banks and Sharon DeZonia had me laughing and not wanting to get old, all at the same time. It was my first time to hear Shelly Lang sing and I must say I hope it is not my last. Of course, when I read that Joelle Olguin was going to sing one of the hardest songs to sing, “I Will Always Love You,” I was worried…a little. But she nailed it and blew it up! Then they go and do the unthinkable but put Joelle and Shelly in a strong sultry duet singing “My Heart Will Go On.” Bravo!
Everything from the set, to the costumes to the entertainers were great and a treat to have people who do this great event for our community.

Who Is A Hoo?

That was the main topic at Helendale Elementary School “Welcome To Dr.Suess Night 2014.” The PTC put on a wonderful event with games, crafts, snacks and even a Dr.Suess store.
Skip Hall (VP of The Board), Ross Swearingen (superintendent), Marta Kraemer (woman of the year), and Marcia Schoenbaum (my son’s best teacher who is now retired) to name a few who volunteered their time to read stories.
This was just one of the many events PTC has organized for the kids of Helendale Elementary.


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