Art Bishop Wants to Bring Back Your Great State of California

Sacramento is in trouble. The state government’s tax and spend agenda needs to stop now!​ In order to change what is happening in Sacramento, your representatives need to take a stand against “politics as usual.”

If you recognize this, then candidate Art Bishop asks for your help in electing him as Assemblyman to California’s 33rd District.

Art watches as businesses, jobs and good people like you leave California every day. Burdensome laws, excessive government regulations and unnecessary taxation are damaging this great state that we love.

California was once a great place to live and raise families. With Art’s experience, leadership skills, and common sense approach, he will fight to find our way back to that dream.

Art’s background speaks for itself. He has lived in the High Desert for most of his life. He and his wife of 43 years raised two children here, and their grandchildren are growing up here.

He is a U.S. Army Veteran. He has managed a family business. He is a retired local Fire Chief, and currently serves as the Mayor of the Town of Apple Valley. What has this variety of experience taught him?

When it comes to businesses and employment growth, big government is not the solution, it’s the problem. Taxes and harmful regulations need to be cut in order to put California back to work.

Being in the Army and as a long-time NRA member, he knows the importance of protecting our 2nd Amendment rights. Gun control measures continue to be passed that violate our Constitutional rights, and this assault on private citizens needs to be stopped.

As a city councilmember and mayor, he knows first-hand that drought, fire and public safety are critical issues. As a local water agency board member, he learned about the complex issues of water management. He knows what it takes to fight to protect our families and stop the early release of dangerous criminals.

Art is proud to be part of the solution while serving the Town of Apple Valley. Welcoming new businesses that provide quality jobs for local families and fighting for bond measures and new programs that help students succeed in our local schools is his reward.

You deserve a local representative who will bring conservative principles back to our state government.

Art Bishop asks for your support. Give him the opportunity to pursue the following goals:

• Bring stability, leadership, and experience to legislature and decision-making process.

• Advocate for local control and cooperative governance without sacrificing principles.

• Build consensus, bridge ideologies and proudly represent the 33rd District.

Art Bishop believes that, with your help, we can return California to the great state it once was. ​If you want to help protect our way of life in the 33rd District now, before it is too late, please contact Art Bishop with your ideas. He truly wants to represent you. By working together, he is confident we can make needed changes that bring California back to greatness.

Endorsements, including that made by current 33rd District Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, can be found on Art’s campaign website,
Contact Art Bishop on his personal cell phone at (760) 987-4021.


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