Common Law Attorneys Walk 150 miles from Marina del Rey to Barstow, California

It’s not every day three common law attorneys from three different states walk 150 miles to Barstow from Marina Del Rey.

Actually, one walks, the others provided security and navigation. Why? To call attention to two documents, the Armistice & Accord and Letters Patent, which they say may change our world forever.


Cindy Kay Currier, Kimarie Teter, and Kyle Glenn have left their homes, families, and belongings to carry their message from the Pacific to the Atlantic.The Armistice & Accord, Currier says, corrects the record of history, putting an end to what she calls the domination and control system.


The people have been misled to believe they are indebted to the corporate government and fraudulent banking system when in reality, as children of the Creator, we are Heirs of Creation, says Currier.


The Letters Patent, the second document they carry, establishes human energy as the collateral for all currency in the world rather than gold, as it was meant to be from the beginning.


“It might surprise some to know, says Currier, that Executive Order 13037 describes humans as the collateral for the National budget and nowhere mentions gold.”


“Walking allows us to get a feel for the communities and rub elbows with the people so we can meet them where they live,” says Currier. “While the United States Constitution was meant to leave the power in the peoples’ hands, it falls far short of that ideal, ” she continues.


The number of homeless and destitute in our Nation tells us it’s time for the people to become truly free. And it tells the three of us that we’re doing the right thing,” added Currier.


Armistice & Accord:



Letters Patent:

Pictured from left to right Kyle Glenn, Cindy Kay Currier, Kinarie Teter


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