Jettin' With Jazzie – March 2014

Jettin With Jazzie – March 2014


Happy Birthday 1-31-14

One year ago the Helendale Senior Outreach Center formed. To celebrate their one-year anniversary, and to show appreciation, a Volunteer Luncheon was held at Grace Bible church on January 31. It was an opportunity give back to all who have donated their time and attention in making the Center a warm and welcoming environment.
Jean Miernick and Georgia Ritchie thanked everyone and called out raffle prizes, all donated. And just so you know, in case you were in the mood for contributing, the Senior Center is fully funded by donations. Jean told me that they were looking forward to another great year!


Appreciation Time

At the last Silver Lakes Board meeting an unusual event took place. The Board presented Rusty Hastings a plaque to show their appreciation for the many years he has spent on the Greens Commitee. “I want to thank my wife for letting me get out so much,” said Rusty as he shook president Skip Hall’s hand. The committee will miss this sweet, hard worker.


A Game of Wipe Out

Even though the 49’ers were not in the game, it does not mean I would miss a Superbowl Party. I was among Orange vs Blue/Green colored roudy football enthusiasts as we all watched a very one sided victory. Some just like to watch the infamous, several million dollars each, 30-second spot commercials. There were beer drinking babes, flashy cars, and (much to my happy surprise) a brief-wearing Beckham. Bruno Mars brought down the stadium without having to flash anyone. Don’t forget the super big budget blockbuster movie previews. And the verdict.


Flood Averted

Another nice gesture happened at the last Board meeting. Thanks to three prudent security officers with Allied Barton, a house was saved from a potential massive flood inside.
Sean Cousins, Ernest Johnson and Gregory Harvey were doing their usual drive around Silver Lakes, making sure all was well around the neighborhoods. They drove past a house and noticed water flowing out from underneath the garage door. They took a closer look and realized it was a lot of water. They knocked on the door, but no one was home. One of the officers called the CSD to have them turn off the main water supply to the house, and contacted the owners to tell them what was happening. The security team’s quick response saved the homeowners a lot of money. There was a broken washing machine pipe and it would have flooded the entire house. The family was so thankful, they emailed a letter to the association about it. For this, Sean, Ernest and Gregory were recognized with a gift card and an award for their quick response.


Got A Sweet Tooth

So long Texas and hello Silver Lakes. So happy that Dirty Mouth Cupcakes decided to move to our wonderful community and bake their delicious, scrumptious one-of-a-kind cupcakes and more. I, myself, an advocate of homemade baked goods and if you know me, you know that I am very picky about my desserts.
When I took a bite of the Naked Cinnamon cupcake and a nibble of my son’s creamy Southern Lady aka red velvet, I floated a few feet to pure bliss. If you are having a party, event, or just have a sweet tooth like me, don’t hesitate to give Dirty Mouth Cupcakes a call at (915) 319-7888. You can also find them on Facebook.



No, not the vitamin! But you will hear that being called out monthly at the too-popular Family Night Bingo. It happens at the clubhouse, where Ken Best calls out the numbers. Once again the library is packed with tiny toddlers who need help from their parents, to seniors enjoying coffee and winning some nice prizes. It’s not your regular Bingo either. Ken mixes it up with different kinds of Bingo from a postage stamp to the letter “T.” And if you don’t know what I am talking about then you need to come to the next Bingo Night on March 8.


No Pressure

A.C.E. High School boy’s basketball team was down to the end of the season, tied for Third. They had to beat Riverside Prep to be eligible to go to the CIF playoffs. It was a good game with The Eagles being down, but fighting their way to make it an almost even game. By half-time the score was 28 Home, 32 Visitor. During half-time the lovely cheerleaders and girls basketball team showed their support with some cheers and, of course, The Wobble Dance. Unfortunately, it was not enough to win, and the final score was 58 to 61. We will get them next year.


Perfect Night

Since A.C.E. High School does not yet have a football team (hoping that will change soon), the last basketball game was actually the homecoming game.
KellyAnn Donahue, Mr.Bates, and some dedicated kids started setting up early at the clubhouse ballroom. Then came an evening of appetizers, dressing up and dancing at the Homecoming Dance. Laura Fentress, with Sweet Pea Photography, was taking pictures of couples and friends dressed in sequins and suits. The theme was dedicated to the Great Gatsby era and most everyone looked like they just walked out of the Roaring



What would a homecoming dance be without its royal court. Brandon Hernandez was King and his lovely Queen was Liv Hubbard. The Princess was Lisa Young Price and Ryan Torres was her Prince. There was also a 10th grade Prince, Anthony Ferrin and Cynthia Guerrero was his Princess. The youngest of the court was 9th grader Cameron Bernatene for Prince and Brittany Kirschbaum was his Princess.
It was really well organized and all the students seemed to enjoy their special night. I have to say it took me back and made me realize how precious time is.


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