Abracadabra: An Evening of Comedy and Magic at VVC

Victor Valley College Performing Arts Center presented their annual show, An Evening of Comedy & Magic, to a sold out audience. From toddlers to seniors, everyone was mesmerized by the four entertainers of the evening. These four magicians, illusionists, inventors, and decepters, had the enthusiastic audience participating to try to figure out…how do they do that?!

First on stage was international favorite, Brandon Scott. His razor swallowing and pouring water into a dry newspaper, had the crowd following his every move. Brandon was an eclectic magician, floating his assistant in air, then putting her in a box and skewing her with swords from all sides.

Following Brandon was the witty original, Eric Bass. This energetic inventor wooed the audience with unique card tricks and a Superman Velcro thing that will have us guessing for days… how did he manage that? If that was not enough to keep us talking, Eric ended his act with snakes popping out of cans, synchronized to a melodic symphony.

Next up on stage was the hilarious, young and hip magician, Joel Ward. A lot of his tricks contained fire and awed us with doves turning into balloons, or was it balloons into doves? Joel finished with an oldstyle Houdini trick, locked in a box and trading places with his assistant, who jumped out instead!

This magical night ended with Arthur Trace, a dry witted trickster. This quick handed artist created an illusion that made us believe he bit into an apple, but really he didn’t… or did he? While the crowd was contemplating who bit the apple, they were also fixated on watching this genius create a masterpiece with colored little round balls that became almost a Picasso painting.
Next year I will be bringing my two boys to this wondrous night of magic and illusions.


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