Retired Ambulances…Where Are They Now?

Many retired ambulances are still in service around the country.

When ambulances are retired, they are sometime sold to other emergency medical services providers. Sometime they are donated to third world countries and used as transport vehicles. Alternatively, they can be adapted into a storage and transport vehicle for crime scene identification, or used as command posts at events.

On the private side, they are legal to use, providing their emergency equipment has been removed. Because most of them have a one-ton chassis, power converters and compressors already on them, they make great tow rigs.

Because of their outside lighting installed, PA system, generators, and air conditioning in the rear, they are known to make great tailgate rigs for ball games. They are also great for mobile service and repair shops on wheels.

If you think you might have a use for a retired ambulance, you might be able to find one currently are being sold at online auction sites like Craigslist and Ebay.

It’s fun to see how ambulances from other places look, and also what other people have done with ambulances, so we’ve included photos a few that we found with this article.

Not all ambulances are white and red, like our local variety. In other places, they can be blue and white, or even yellow and orange! An ambulance in Wyoming had a deer with huge antlers painted on it (makes you wonder what they’ve really got inside).

Ark Animal Hospital has one currently in use for their Mobile Veterinary Services. As you can see by the photos, it has been customized to suit their needs. Check it out next time you are in the area. They are located on 11th Street and Bear Valley Road in Victorville. Also check out the Ark Animal Hospital ad on page 16, in the Business Card Ad section.


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