Jettin' With Jazzie – February 2014

Fine Arts Factory

There were fairies, elves, drummettes and princesses dancing to Christmas themed music at the Annual Dance Recital. From the adorable two little girls dancing and hopping to watching pre teens to teens, boys and girls, performing hip hop, ballet, modern and jazz. Family and friends crowded in the ballroom to watch the entertainment. The kids did a great job with only a few months to prepare and looking forward to their big performance in the Spring.

Twas The Night Before Christmas

As thirty one floats, cars, horses and people entered the Silver Lakes Annual Christmas Parade. What and amazing turnout.
The police headed the long line of classic cars, sleigh made grocery carts, to pretty Pin Up Dolls with a Riverside Prep Marching Band and dancing horses to preceed arounf the lake. Candy was tossed to the kids, with smiles and waves of enthusiastic partioners on this gorgeous sunny day.

A Sad Goodbye

A sad good bye to The Beauti and Wellness Center owned by Kathi Hertz. If one wanted a massage, facial, help with diabetes or dieting the Wellness Center was the place to go. Kathi was and will no doubt continue to be a big influence in this community. For now, Kathi wants to travel and give her family the attention she has given to her customers over the past years.

Behind Silver Lakes

Welcome to 2014! I feel already blessed with this perfect weather we are having. We are so fortunate to live in this great little community, I thought I would start the new year by sharing a personal interest story on people behind Silver Lakes.
My first story is about someone who has worked at the Restaurant for almost twenty years. When this person was younger he wanted to be a doctor but became a Federali instead. After four years of trying to be a good cop against all the corruption, he decided to follow his father’s foot steps and become a chef. I am talking about the very quiet and humble, Javier Ibarra.

Javier loves to cook and told me his favorite item is creating soups, and his all time requested Pumpkin Bisque. Funny thing, he told me was that he does not even like pumpkin. A lot of his recipes are from his grandmother and does not write anything down but all his creations are stored in his head. Much to my surprise is that when creating a new dish he does not go on taste but on smell. He has studied with a French chef and worked many years in a French Bistro. Even at his home, Javier enjoys cooking and inventing with his wife of thirty four years. During his free time he likes to watch soccer and spend time with his three kids and four grandchildren. Javier’s dream is to retire in Cabo San Lucas and open up his own restaurant. Right now, we are all happy he is here constantly making enjoyable tasty food.


Can’t think of a better way to end 2013 then with the infamous annual Holiday Cookie and Ornament Exchange. This very fun and filling event was hosted by the lovely, Julie Garland. It was a delight to see the Toy Drive box full and the garage made into a cookie warehouse. I don’t think even Santa has seen or tasted so many yummy cookies. There were over twenty ornaments to exchange and swap and steal, as I yelled out numbers but was barely heard over the laughter and chattiness of all the ladies. It was a fun night!

We have had such lovely weather that in February we might have to pretend we are on the East Coast to enjoy the February 20th Stew and Chili Cook-Off. This new event will be held at Denise Niblack’s home. If you prefer not to enter the cook-off then you may always bring any kind of breads and your choice of beverage. And 1st place prizes will be the biggest given out yet.

Mark your calendars for the March 25th event at 6:30pm in the Terrace Room for an Arts and Craft Night. Two of very own Social-Lites, Ruby Roselli and Patricia Lloyd , will teach us to decorate and personalize candles for our homes and unique gifts. Ruby says that ribbons, beads, fabrics and a imagination can add the to make any size battery operated candle a perfect gift or addition to your home. It will be a chef’s choice appetizer and a night of inspiration. The price has yet to be decided.


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