Cowboy Church Held at Former Roy and Dale Evans Home

Cowboy Church at the historic Roy Rogers Ranch in Oro Grande was first hosted by owners Anne and Eric Enriquez on Sunday Aug. 8, 2010. Preacher Gabby (Dale Park) gave the message. The Cross Town Cowboys, Katie West, and the late Jon Locke provided the music. The service was held outdoors under the “Roy tree,” where congregants could enjoy a beautiful desert evening, complete with the sounds of neighing horses and passing trains.

As the weather cooled off, the service was moved inside the barn that Roy himself built, modeled after the one in his TV series. When the weather got even colder, the group met huddled together in the barn kitchen. 
Later the meetings were held at various restaurants including the Western themed  Johnny Rebs. The service returned to the Ranch for the celebrations of the Roy Rogers Centennial, the Dale Evans Centennial,  the Herb Jeffries 100th Birthday Celebration, and numerous trail ride events. Regardless of the location, attendees could always count on fine singing, preaching, and refreshments. Hymns are led by Laura Park, and various local musicians including Juliette Bascom and the Bascom Ranch Band, Cowboy Jerry, Frankie Flash, and Tessi the Singing Cowgirl have provided the music.

Gabby’s Cowboy Church has found a new home at the original Apple Valley residence of Roy and Dale on Highway 18.  Meetings are held twice monthly, the first and third Sundays at 6:00. (Exceptions will be Easter Sunday and possibly Father’s Day Sunday.) Once again, local talents including the Fiore family and several bluegrass musicians have graciously been providing the music. Consider joining them for fellowship. Bring your Bible if desired, an instrrument, or a friend.

For more information call Marcella Taylor at (760) 985-1918 or Laura Park at (760)243-7016.


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