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The Birthday Fairy Has Officially Kicked Off the Party!

Trina dressed up as the Birthday Fairy in January, as a kick-off stunt for the Senior News Sweet 16 party.

We hope you were at Victor Valley College to watch the Passport Travel film on the Great Canadian Train Ride on January 19. It was a great show!
During Intermission Trina came out on stage to announce the fun things in store for our senior readers during 2014. Because the Senior News entered its 16th year on January 1, we decided to celebrate!

We’re going to have a lot of fun, and we want you to be part of it. If you want to make sure that you find out about all of the upcoming events that we are planning, we’d like you to go on our website,, and make sure to enter your email address. Like I’ve said before, if you don’t have an email address, get your son, grandkid, nephew, or even your neighbor to let you use theirs.

Because we have some really great parties planned, and we also have some fantastic prizes to give away.

The best way for us to get the word out to a lot of people is by email. We aren’t going to share your information with anyone else. We just want to be able to contact you so you can enter our prize drawings, and so that we can contact you if you do win a prize!

If you’ve been reading our Sweet 16 articles, then you probably already know what we’re up to, but let me just run it by you one more time:

  • The Senior News is also the Desert News Post! We actually publish the Jess Ranch Bulletin, the High Desert Community News, and the Desert News Post weekly. Now if you are looking at the photo of Trina as the Birthday Fairy, you are probably thinking, “she’s a publishing mogle?” And, the correct answer is “Yes, she is.”
  • What’s so great about a new website? Why now? We wanted to do something really exciting for our Sweet 16 birthday. Our readers (you) have been wanting more than the printed version could give. And we listened to you.
  • More and better articles. There is always more information than can be published in print each month. Articles are short to make room for photos. Now, lengthier versions of articles and more articles will be available on the website.
  • More photos! There just isn’t enough room in the printed paper to publish them all! On the website, there are Galleries where you will be able to find your photo from an event, and keep it for your own personal use. Note: photos may be downloaded, but are for personal use only.
  • It’s like getting extra copies of Senior News! Although there are over 700 drop points where we have Senior News, people still can’t find them sometimes. Now, you can read individual articles or look at the PDF version on our website!
  • Calendar of Events. We have a great, up-to-date website calendar.
  • Printed version. The Senior News is still printed and distributed.
  • Be Uplifted and Entertained. You’ll find book reviews, special ways to shop for items you need, and other fun and exciting things are happening. Be sure and tell your friends!
  • Stay Informed. Sign up for email blasts on the website. Like the “Desert News Post” page on Facebook. Follow “Sivertspub” on Twitter.

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