Science of Water Seminar Held at Mojave Water Agency

The Mojave Water Agency (MWA) is working to make sound decisions about water in the High Desert. It is just one out of 29 state water contractors in an area that covers 5,000 square miles, the arteries carrying the the water supply to it’s resource centers.

On January 28, the MWA held a seminar entitled The Science of Water, part of the ABCs of Water series.  The key speaker was Lance Eckhart, principal hydro geologist for the MWA. He spoke about what is happening with the High Deserts’ water supply.

“The high desert is in its driest year to date, but not to fear, with the collaboration of all agencies working together, collecting, and sharing data, we have a deep water reserve,” said Eckhart. A Powerpoint presentation showed the area’s deep water reserve and how it has been depleted over many decades. For example, Camp Cody was shown as an ample supply of water in the 1950’s, but by 2010 it had basically turned into a dust bowl.

Some of the processes the MWA goes through are sampling, technical scientific studies from previous decades to now, water budget, outflow, storm flow, and collecting data for long-time solutions.

“While recovery is not likely, we need to stabilize the water reserve.” said Eckhart. He also reminded attendees that the local water supply is a closed basin, so whatever we use gets recycled back in.

The history of the local water supply made it an informative evening. It was educational to see how involved the study of water is, how it is collected for us to enjoy, and what needs to be done to keep it flowing.

The next seminar, Surrounded by Ancient Plants, is coming on March 25, in perfect time to aid those who are getting ready for spring planting.  The seminars are held at the Mojave Water Agency, located at 13846 Conference Center Drive, Apple Valley.

For more information call Gloria Golike at (760) 961-7001, email, or visit the MWA website at


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