Book Release: A Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Book Like Only One Other!

February 1 is the much anticipated release date of Tricia Spencer’s new book, The Touch of Roy and Dale, Volume II: Personally Told Stories of Lives Changed by Roy Rogers, The King of the Cowboys, and Dale Evans, The Queen of the West, CONTINUE. This is the sequel to the 2011 book: The Touch of Roy and Dale: The Impact and Influence of Roy Rogers, the King of the Cowboys, and Dale Evans, the Queen of the West, As Only Their Fans Could Tell It.

Like the original edition, Volume II is an intimate look at the rippling affect Roy and Dale had on the lives of others, as personally told by family, friends and fans from all over the world.

In keeping with the spirit of Roy’s and Dale’s legacy, a portion of the proceeds of this book benefits Roy’s and Dale’s nonprofit charity, The Happy Trails Children’s Foundation.

When author Tricia Spencer acquired 40,000 pieces of fan mail from the Rogers estate more than 11 years ago, she discovered much more than typical “fan” adulation. Nestled amidst never-before-seen photos, poetry, art and songs were amazing personal “Roy and Dale” stories. The 1990s letters were written when Roy and Dale began facing health challenges, and in spite of it being nearly a half a century beyond their Hollywood heyday, fans rallied to express just how much their American heroes had influenced and altered the paths of their lives.

The Rogers children added their voices to the first book. In Volume II, fans get a new perspective from some of Roy’s and Dale’s grandchildren. In addition to the cornucopia of letters, Roy’s and Dale’s friends, celebrity co-workers, western poets, songwriters, authors and others penned personal essays for the book. The result is a diverse scrapbook of reflections that is just as much about those who loved Roy and Dale as it is about the legends themselves. Volume II overflows with nearly 600 photos, most published for the first time, plus an abundance of unusual literary treasures. There are the heartfelt words of former United States Senator, Max Cleland; the vintage Larry Hopper radio transcript of Roy Rogers, Marty Robbins, and Tommy “Snuff” Garrett; the personal recollections of Dale’s manager, Dick Baxter; and the entertaining reality-based short story accounts of being a kid actor in Roy’s and Dale’s films, as told by Patrick Curtis, first known as “Baby Beau” in Gone With the Wind — just to name a few of the hundreds of people, and the extraordinary stories, represented in the book.

Many words have been devoted to Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, but The Touch of Roy and Dale, Volume II, like its predecessor, is not a typical biography. A book for all generations, the two-book Touch of Roy and Dale series easily answers the question: What is a hero? Roy and Dale’s greatest accomplishment was never their celebrity. As the collective voices of this book so poignantly, sometimes humorously, sometimes rawly, reveal, it was their uncommon and generous humanity that made them heroes.

Tricia Spencer has written books about working in the restaurant industry, wedding ideas, spiritual well-being, and others.

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