Prepper's Bunker: Pick Your Prep: Are You Prepared?

By R. U. Reddi

Are you prepared? Prepared for what, you ask? Earthquakes, solar flares, magnetic pole shift, economic collapse, the zombie apocalypse? Pick one. In the end, it will always pay off to be prepared.

I’ve looked at my dwindling and aging earthquake pantry lately and realized that I am ill prepared for even the least of these disasters. So I went to work! I found myself an old metal tool chest and filled it with basic emergency supplies (and some not so basic ones). I filled myself up a 40 gallon water tank, and started to re-stock my depleted canned food pantry.

For years and years I’ve heard of local preparedness for earthquakes… if you live in California this will happen! But still, most people find themselves glaringly unprepared.

These days what seemed like far-fetched ideas a few years ago now seem mainstream. You can feel overwhelmed by the amount of information and goods available to get you prepped for your run-of-the-mill emergency. The myriad of disasters and conspiracies to choose from are endless. What you might be faced with could take you from a small emergency situations to straight up survival scenarios.

Could there be a way to multi-prep or cross-train covering a wide spectrum of situations?

You may think it’s just about a lot about stored goods. But don’t forget about the lost crafts and skills that would come in handy should you no longer have any major (or even some minor conveniences) in the event of a short or long-term emergency. This includes canning, sewing, lighting a fire, loading and firing a gun, purifying water, fishing, hunting, safe edible food gathering, herbal remedies and medicines, wound dressing, shelter building… to name just a few.
This emerging culture encourages back-to-basics common sense and re-learning of all of these lost and forgotten skill sets. Nat Geo calls these folks Outliers and identifies them as an American culture of Preppers. We just call them resourceful, informed and independent. It’s your future it’s your call.

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