New Website Brings You News – FASTER, EASIER, BETTER!

We’re excited and proud to unveil a new website!

Drum roll…


You probably have a few questions, so let us answer the ones we’ve already been asked.

  • Why isn’t it just simply called Senior News?
    We actually offer more than just the Senior News! We publish the Jess Ranch Bulletin, the High Desert Community News, and now… the Desert News Post weekly (formerly Community News Weekly) (Read more in Side Bar).
  • What’s so great about a new website? Why now?
    We wanted to do something really exciting for our Sweet 16 birthday. Our readers (you) have been wanting more than the printed version could give. You asked for certain things, and we listened:
  • More and better articles.
    There is always more information than can be published in print each month. Also, articles have been cut short to make room for more photos. The website will include lengthier versions of articles and some articles that didn’t fit into the printed version.
  • More photos of me and my friends!
    People are always asking us to mail/email them photos at events. We felt bad… We are so busy, that sometimes we forgot. We wanted to solve the problem. There just isn’t enough room in the printed paper to publish them all! On the website, there are Galleries where you will be able to find your photo from an event, and keep it for your own personal use. Note: photos are copyrighted and not be used for any commercial purpose.
  • Where can I pick up extra copies of Senior News?
    Although there are over 700 drop points where we have Senior News, people still can’t find them sometimes. Our old website had PDFs, but those can be hard to read. We decided to offer individual articles in an easy to read format, and matched up to lots of photos for you to enjoy. Save your gas money and visit the website!
  • Your calendar section didn’t include my upcoming event!
    Many times, we would receive an event notice after our print deadline. The website calendar will be kept up-to-date.
  • I like the printed version.
    We will still be printing the Senior News and distributing it in the same way.
  • What else will be offered?
    You’ll find book reviews, on subjects chosen to uplift and entertain. There will be special ways to shop for items you need. Plan your week around fun and exciting things with our calendar. Be sure and tell your friends!
  • E-Subscriptions?
    You will be able to get your electronic Senior News in PDF format. Sign up for email blasts on the website. Like “Senior News” on Facebook. Follow “Sivertspub” on Twitter.

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