Victor Valley Shooters Hand Gun Class is Top Shot!

Individuals from all walks of life, gender, and young or old can now learn basics of handgun ownership at the beginning handgun class, at the Victor Valley Shooters firearms training facility in Apple Valley.

The beginners class is just one of several courses they offer, which include advanced handgun training, home defense Class, plus private individual instruction as well.

If you’ve ever wanted to know about firearms, you can learn and develop a new skill set easily in a safe environment with any of the day-long courses.

The beginning handgun class starts with an open classroom where the instructors are clear and concise. Hands-on demonstrations, video and examples are incorporated as teaching tools. Students can ask questions at the end of each lesson. Handgun safety is covered by a variety of topics during morning and afternoon sessions between classroom instruction and range time. 

Topics studied are skillfully and thoroughly taught by owners and instructors Jay and Lisa.

They include: Eye & ear protection; Parts & function of a gun; Parts of modern bullet cartridges; Malfunctions; Range Safety; Proper grip and stance; Target Shooting; Review; Travel & transporting laws; Laws of ownership & legal storage; Cleaning; and, Types of Ammunition.

No gun ownership is necessary to take a class, and classroom instruction prepares you to enter the shooting range with guided confidence. Beginners, experienced gun owners and law enforcement personnel can benefit from a review of the existing and updated gun laws and refresher instruction on the private shooting range.

Seniors and women are encouraged to take the training for personal empowerment, safety and security.

The Victor Valley Shooters beginner handgun class takes you from no experience to being safe and self-assured in owning a handgun.

To register for a premium Victor Valley Shooter class contact them at (760) 596-7147 or visit them in-store at 13528 Nomwaket Rd. STE C (Cross-street Powhatan Rd) in Apple Valley or visit on-line at www.victorvalleyshooters.com


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