Desert Valley Hospital’s DaVinci Robotic Surgical System Demonstrated

Desert Valley Hospital demonstrated the da Vinci Robotic Surgical System during an event in the hospital’s Outpatient Surgical Services Lobby on November 2.

Hundreds of people attended the event to view the latest version of the system, which the hospital acquired earlier in the year.  Visitors were able to play with the da Vinci robot using interactive displays during the demo. The system has four laparoscopic arms, used to perform minimally invasive procedures for a wide variety of surgeries with pinpoint precision.

The da Vinci Robotic Surgical System is another resource and tools for the hospital’s excellent surgeons to use, making what they already do even better.

Many types of surgeries can benefit from the equipment, according to Jason Logan, representative for the da Vinci system.

People were very excited and very amazed to see up close how the the da Vinci system works. Since a patient would be under anesthesia during the, it was interesting to see what would be done to if they had a surgery using this equipment.

The da Vinci robot offers magnified, 3-D view of the surgical area and the surgeon’s hand movements are translated to the laparoscopic arms. It’s minimally invasive, and less traumatic for the body. Patients get back to normal activities and back to work more quickly.

The da Vinci robot’s trademarked Single-Site Surgery can perform several types of difficult procedures with a single, small incision. Examples include hysterectomies, gallbladder and prostate surgeries being done through the belly button.

Holiday Season Brings Desert Valley Hospital Mission into Focus

Thanksgiving and the holiday season always seem to bring out the best in the human spirit and the employees at Desert Valley Hospital have established a long-standing tradition of doing good for others outside of the hospital environment.

Families in the High Desert will benefit again this year from the generous food donations in the form of gift baskets and grocery store gift cards the hospital staff contributed.

“It is amazing how just a small gesture from individual staff members can truly make a difference in the lives of families over the holiday season,” noted Tina Howard, Director of Marketing for Desert Valley Hospital.

Desert Valley Hospital also helps spearhead an annual holiday collection drive to help needy families. The drive which begins on Black Friday every year, encourages local community members to visit select businesses and donate items such as household goods, beauty items, toys, and teen gifts. These gifts are then donated to underprivileged families throughout the High Desert region.

“We consider the communities we serve to be our friends and neighbors,” stated Margaret Peterson, CEO of Desert Valley Hospital. “In these difficult times we all want to help in any way we can, whether it is through financial contributions or food drives. We can all make a difference.”

The hospital continues to address the healthcare needs of the community while engaging in many charitable endeavors which have impacted all generations. The Desert Valley Senior Wellness Center in Apple Valley offers many free health related services to seniors and exemplifies the hospital’s commitment to residents. It has proven popular with local seniors who are taking full advantage of the educational and recreational opportunities available to them. The hospital’s Annual High Desert Fitness Challenge attracts both senior participation as well as local businesses. Free flu shots, mammography screenings, smoking cessation classes are just a few of the many preventive programs offered to keep the community healthy.

Following the opening of a new Heart Center last year, the hospital has again demonstrated its unwavering commitment to the community with another milestone. The da Vinci 3D Robotic Surgical System was recently unveiled giving patents access to minimally invasive procedures performed by top surgeons utilizing ultra-modern, precisely accurate technology.

In addition, the hospital is affiliated with Desert Valley Medical Group (DVMG) which features many of the region’s leading primary care and specialist physicians. DVMG offers urgent care/walk-in clinics and industrial/occupational medicine and has offices throughout the High Desert making healthcare affordable, accessible and convenient.

The healthcare industry will be facing challenging and uncertain times in the days ahead but as a Top 100 Hospital in the Nation Desert Valley Hospital will remain the hospital of choice for High Desert residents.

For more information please contact Tina Howard, Director of Marketing, Desert Valley Hospital at 760-241-8000 x 8761, or


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