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Mohave Historical Society Meeting

The Bell Mountain Community in north Apple Valley was the topic of a recent Mohahve Historical Society meeting. Speaker Annette Bazile, shared memories of growing up in the 1960-70s in the Black community near Bell Mountain, where she and other family members live. Her grandfather, Joshua Alfred Thomas, purchased property there in 1941.

Annette displayed three quilts, representing three generations, one each made by herself, her mother and grand- mother. She also shared artwork and a typewriter her mother used when doing secretarial work for the Murrays at their Overall Wearing Dude Ranch, the only “colored” ranch in the world, which was later purchased by Pearl Bailey.

The Saturday following the meeting, a field trip was taken to his- torical sites, including the old post office and being greeted by Major Broyles, who had many stories about the area to share.
If the history of the Victor Valley interests you, call Marcy at (760) 985-1918, or go to


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